Train Smarter

If you are an athlete, you know that success in fitness and performance hinges on consistent, healthy training. This means that, beyond regimen, persistent or chronic pain can curtail or even stop your fitness training, dampen your results and performance, even cause aggravated injury. The iPulserSport PEMF wearable device provides effective, ongoing pain therapy & prevention to help you stay in the game and continue training and competing. It’s safe, effective, and blends seamlessly into your lifestyle, since you can treat at home, the gym, anywhere, anytime.

Supercharge Your Training

How often do we desire to train aggressively, effectively, but our energy levels, our will and motivation just aren't there? That is not your lack of will or commitment to your training. That is a defecit of biochemical energy. Your metabolic energy levels are directly attributable to ATP production: a cellular function that decreases with age and nervous system degradation. iPulser works directly with those very determinants of metabolic energy. It interacts with your nervous system and cellular structures to reduce inflammation and promote ATP production. iPulserSport: Personalized, Portable, Affordable.

Recover On The Go

The iPulseSport's advanced miniaturized PEMF technology allows the athlete / exercise enthusiast to repair and recover on the go. No matter where you train or how hard you train, you are always just a short therapy session away from recovery.