Dr. Prager Advises

Dr. Prager is a world-renown expert and researcher on pain. He is the founder of the UCLA Pain Medicine Center, and currently heads the UCLA Center for Rehabilitation of Pain Syndromes. Dr. Prager treats patients in a wide variety of pain ailments, including chronic pain and CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). Dr. Prager has also lectured extensively on the physiology and active, progressive treatment of pain, in its many embodiments. Witness a discussion with Dr. Prager in which he shares powerful insight into the too-often ignored syndrome of chronic pain, and the most up to date technologies for treatment

The experience of chronic pain

Dr. Prager explains the segmentation of physical and emotional pain and the benefit of relieving the pain experience.

Why is it so hard for chronic pain patients to get the care they need?

Beyond life-impacting symptoms, chronic pain sufferers deal with undertreatment and the stigma that limits recognition of this debilitating condition. Dr. Prager is passionate in his patient advocacy, and extensively experienced in pain care.

What about opioids?

How opioids affect pain treatment and how their over-prescription has affected chronic pain sufferers.

On the future of pain therapy

Dr. Prager shares his vision for effective pain therapy at home, via iPulser’s AI “digital clinician.”